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About us

Torjay-Tuning Kft. was founded in 1991 to trade in the car parts sector. Our enterprise mainly deals with Italian car parts, both Original Equipment and aftermarket manufactured, and also -as required- with other makes of cars too. For the best interest of our customers we only contract suppliers that can guarantee the highest quality product standards.

We mainly focus on supplying our customers needs with unique, rare car parts of older jetro vehicle categories - via our wide range of local and international connections.
On the basis of our customer’s request we explore all available products and offer a quotation according to price and quality categories, thus our customer may easily find the best solution to his/her needs. After registration you can ask for a quotation here.
Our services are available both in Hungary and abroad (Europe). Having completed an order we can deliver the car part the following day in Hungary, while it takes 2-7 days in Europe. Information on payment and shipping terms & conditions can be reviewed here.

Keep your eyes on our Website as our Webshop opens in no time! You will be able to manage your purchase orders yourself – even more conviniently!

Why us?


  • You are seeking a business partner who really knows the car parts market
  • You are seeking so rare car parts that can't be found anywhere else
  • You feel that your requests have not been treated seriously elsewhere
  • You don’t have the time to wander from shop to shop to find the best price/quality bargain

Contact us to find the best solution to what your car needs.

Best Regards,

Torjay-Tuning Kft.

Kiemelt ajánlataink
61 € /pc
Króm, kerek, jelvénnyel, bal/jobb
145 € /pc
1050ccm, Abarth
55 € /pc
66 € /pc
Króm, jelvénnyel, bal/jobb
Oil temperature sender
30 € /pc